State Opioid Response



The Office of Behavioral Health has partnered with The Evaluation Center to collect the mandated GPRA data for clients receiving SOR-funded treatment. The Evaluation Center monitors intake GPRA data collected by treatment sites, as well as maintaining contact with GPRA clients throughout their recovery journey, and administering follow-up and discharge surveys.

SOR-funded providers are required to complete GPRA Intakes, which includes administering the GPRA Client Outcome Measures survey, and submit discharge forms for SOR-funded clients. Click below for more information on GPRA Intakes, Discharges, or if you are interested in other GPRA resources. 

Do you need a SPARS Account?

SOR-funded providers are required to complete a GRPA Intake for all clients receiving SOR-funded services. In order to complete a GPRA Intake, you will need access to SAMHSA’s Performance Accountability and Reporting System (SPARS) because all GPRA surveys must be submitted online.  You must have an individual SPARS account to complete the data entry and cannot share accounts among peers. To request a SPARS account, click the link below. Upon requesting a SPARS account, The Evaluation Center will contact to you schedule a GPRA Intake/New SPARS User Training.

If you forget your password or are locked out of your SPARS account, you must contact the SPARS Help Desk.


Interested in GPRA Training?

The Evaluation Center provides tailored technical assistance and training related to SOR GPRA data collection and entry. For new SPARS users, The Evaluation Center provides training on the GPRA intake process, which includes instruction on how to navigate the SPARS portal.  To complete the self-paced, online GPRA Intake Training, click the link below:

If you are interested in a GPRA “refresher” or would prefer to attend a live GPRA Intake Training, we offer live training sessions on the first Wednesday and third Tuesday of every month. To attend a live training session, click the link below and bring any GPRA-related questions with you to the session:

Have Questions?

Please contact The Evaluation Center at the University of Colorado Denver if you have questions related to GPRA data collection or if you are interested in GPRA-related training and technical assistance.